MCi AutoKicker

MCi Auto Kicker Grain TesterThe MCi Auto Kicker will automate your inbound or outbound sampling system. Free up employees for other work by automating most of your grading methods, including dockage, broken, shrunken, protein, oil content, starch content, fuel content, moisture, test weight, and temperature. Process samples every 45 to 150 seconds (depending on grain type and sample size), check every load coming in or monitor your outbound system with faster, more accurate information with the MCi Auto Kicker.

Since 1991, with the introduction of the MCi Auto Kicker automated grain tester, the grain industry has recognized it as a tremendously valuable tool for dramatically increasing their profit, by helping with their grain testing procedures. Auto Kicker owners have also been able to reduce grain grading and scales operation staff needs. This allows those valuable personnel to be utilized elsewhere and more productively. We have also had customer claims as to the savings in overtime, lost percentage recoveries and sample analysis costs paying for the Auto Kicker investment in as little as six months! With result accuracy, consistency, error free, and speed of results, this is one cost effective grain testing system!

Here are some of the companies that have realized the outstanding value of the MCi Auto Kicker:
ADM/Growmark, Ag Processing (AGP), Cargill Ag Horizons, Louis Dreyfus Company, Columbia Grain, Ardent Mills, CHS, Consolidated Grain & Barge, Agri Northwest, Valero Renewables, Minnesota Soybean Processors, Boortmalt, just to name a few.

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