Newton Grain CleanerThe Portable Newton Grain Cleaner has all of the outstanding functions and features of the stationary model, plus the ability to be pulled to any of your other locations. All that is required is a three phase electrical supply and a way to handle the grain and cleanout materials. The portable system is totally self contained. Just pull it in over your dump pits, feed it from an overhead bin and you are up and cleaning! The clean grain comes out under the cleaning cabinet and normally drops into the front pit (hitch side). The fines or cleanout materials come out towards the rear of the trailer and normally drop into the rear pit. The pre-described setup is optimal but other arrangements work just as well. For example, using a single dump pit system: The clean grain would drop into the single pit and the fines could be augered or vacuumed away into a truck or cart, then dealt with separately. If no dump pits are available, the Newton Grain Cleaner can be totally setup with augers, but does require more frequent monitoring, similar to dumping a truck into an auger.

The portable Newton Grain Cleaner initial cost is more than a stationary model, however, the costs involved with installing a stationary model are quite less or even non existent. As well, how much more cost effective would a portable model be if you have more than one elevator? Instead of hauling grain to the elevator that has the stationary model, just take the portable Newton Grain Cleaner to the grain!

There are two models of the Portable Newton Grain Cleaner available. The Model 10 and the Model 9. The Model 10 was designed for most standard elevators with a door height of at least 10ft 6in and the Model 9 for door heights less than that. The high volume cleaning capacities for both models are the same.

The Portable Newton Grain Cleaner is also available as a rental (depending on current status) for custom cleaning at your location. Affordable lease to buy packages are available as well.