4 Screen Chart

Screen> Locations> Scalp Second Third Fourth Feed Air J
Barley 9 x 3/4 10triNH 4 1/2 slot 6rd 2 5
*1 9triNH 5 slot
Corn 32rd BlankNH 12rd 8rd 3 1/2 1
*2 36rd 14rd 6rd
Millet 12rd BlankNH 9rd .067rd 1 6
*3 6 x 3/4 10triNH 4 slot
Oats 9 x 3/4 5rd NH 4 slot 10tri 2 1/2 6
*4 5tri NH
Sorghum 12rd BlankNH 4 slot 5rd 2 5
*5 9 slot BlankNH 5tri 2 1/2 rd
Soybeans 24rd 8rd 9 x 3/4 12rd 3 1
*6 10 x 3/4
Wheat JGS BlankNH 4 slot 5rd 2 5
*7 12rd 5rd NH 12rd 8rd 2 1/2
Flower “O” 18rd BlankNH 12rd 8rd 2 1/2 6
*8 5rd
Flower “C” 24rd 12rdNH 22rd 20rd 3 1/2 6
*9 28rd 14rdNH 20rd Blank

NOTE: The above settings are for the newest MCi Kickers that use the Air Damper on the rear of the elbow. If you own an MCi Kicker with the Air Damper mounted on the blower, you will need to call us at 800-279-6812 to request a fax of the older chart settings.

NOTICE: Recommendation for screens used in the MCi KICKER are based upon extensive lab work and verification from field users. Suggested screens sizes allow the fastest, most accurate method to achieve the fairest results. According to FGIS, almost any method may be used by commercial grain handlers to achieve results comparable to official results.

You should check the results of your MCi KICKER with your local official testing station, then adjust the feed, the screen sizes, and the air setting to obtain comparable results. Multiple machines in the same company should be checked against one your Kickers that you have designated as your standard.

Mid-Continent Industries, Inc. will not be held liable for the results obtained from any grain grading process. Operators, installation locations, firmness of the floor it’s setting on will effect the results.

The AIR setting is only a guide. Depending on the test weight of the grain, it may need to be opened more or less as you feel is needed.

To increase what the air removes from the sample CLOSE the damper more.

*1   Dockage is the total of what is removed by the air, what goes over the top of the scalp screen and what goes thru the fine screens. FM is everything else that is not Barley.

*2   BC is everything thru 12 round screen and over the 8 or 6 round screen. FM is thru the 8 or 6 round screen and everything that is not CORN.

*3   Dockage is everything that is not MILLET.

*4   FM is thru a 5/64 round screen and everything that is not OATS.

*5   Some operators open the air wide open.

*6   Splits can be checked on an 8, 9, or 10 slotted screen; most use the 10. FM is everything thru an 8 round screen and everything that is not BEANS.

*7 Dockage is everything over the scalp, removed by air and thru the 5 round and 10 triangle screen. Shrunken & Broken is thru the 4 slotted screen. FM is anything else left in the sample.

*8 CONFECTIONERY SUNFLOWERS can be sized as well as other grains.

*9  Optional screen sizes are on the second row. Optional 3rd & 4th screens can be placed in other slots including the 2nd slot from the top slot if handle is removed, to obtain desired results.