AutoKicker Videos

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Inbound Truck Receiving System

Full video with clean test weight (wheat, barley)

Full video with un-cleaned test weight (corn, soybeans, fuel grains)

Video clip about the truck probe collection box system

Video clip about the moisture tester/protein analyzer collection box

Video clip about the shaker unit

Outbound/Inline Sampler Receiving System

The only difference between the Truck Receiving and this system is that the unit receives its sample from an existing sampler system instead of a truck probe and processes that sample when enough grain is received. The sample divider shown in the above videos is still part of the system, but instead uses a direct free-fall hose coming from the sampler system. Again, the Truck Probe collection system mounted on the wall is not part of the Outbound system. Some variation of the pneumatics may be implemented, such as the Clean Test Weight portion of the process. Please call or email if you have questions, or go to contact page and fill out the form.