Inline Grading

Overhead View of Inline Grading
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Would you like to free your personnel to do other important functions instead of time consuming and tedious sample monitoring? Wouldn’t you also like to know what blend you are loading in about every 90 to 150 seconds? The MCi Auto Kicker gives you both these abilities by automating your blend monitoring. Connected directly to your in-line sampler, the MCi Auto Kicker will automatically receive the grain sample, analyze it, display the sample results then start all over; sample after sample, ship after ship. Just program the MCi Auto Kicker with the desired grain grade criteria. It will then monitor the grain stream and alert you immediately upon any deviations from your criteria.

Greatly reduce your chances of rejected Sublots! Load closer to an optimum grade and free-up valuable labor by installing a cost-effective MCi Auto Kicker.